We use air heat exchangers from the best European manufacturers: LLOYD COILS, SEST-LU-VE.

These companies are leaders in the production of heat exchange equipment for air conditioning, refrigeration and heating. Their air condensers comprise top-quality copper pipes with aluminium or copper finning. These companies also produce heat exchangers with different coatings, such as powder coating, corrosion protection as well as finning made of pre-treated materials.

Most types of LLOYD COILS and SEST-LU-VE heat exchangers are condensing units for conditioning and refrigeration systems; evaporators; combined heat exchangers for heat pumps, dehumidifiers, etc.; water and glycol heat exchangers for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; special-purpose heat exchangers and industrial heat exchangers.

These manufacturers also provide customised solutions in accordance with the customer’s requirements to ensure the utmost resistance to vibrations based on the parameters of the cooling system.

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