OMEX is a close-knit team of professionals with many years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-tech commercial and industrial refrigeration systems.

We design and outfit retail facilities, HoReCa businesses, cold storage warehouses, distribution centres and food processing enterprises with refrigeration, commercial, industrial, ventilation and process equipment. We prepare and maintain the required design documentation and provide installation and commissioning services.

Our wide range of products and services enables us to deliver the right solution for any type of facilities, from small retail shops to major logistic hubs with storage rooms and different temperature ranges. Proper designs and calculations as well as selection of equipment are key to the success of your business, while energy efficient machinery can greatly reduce operating costs.

The main stages of designing a refrigeration system:

  • Thermal design
  • Selection of the necessary parts and equipment
  • Selection of control systems
  • Optimal power distribution
  • Bespoke approach to complex engineering problems
  • Lower end product prices

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