Adagio multideck cabinets are perfect for storing frozen food. They are suitable for sales areas of various sizes, feature a modern design and high reliability. The Adagio series has a wide range of models with sliding glass doors and vertical LED lighting.

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  • Energy-saving evaporator fan;
  • Galvanised casing;
  • Programmable controller with remote monitoring;
  • LED lighting;
  • Anti-fog glass doors;
  • Integrated bumper;
  • Energy efficient;
  • Wide range of accessories.
Parameter Value
Total shelf area (5×500 mm shelves), m² 14,3
Cooling volume (5×500 mm shelves), m³ 3,69
Temperature range, °C -20…-18 °С
Ambient temperature, ºС +12…+25 °С
Shelf load, kg/m² 80
Maximum electricity consumption per day, kW 33,1
Maximum current consumption (at defrosting), A 10,9
Cooling capacity, W (boiling temperature = –35°С, condensing temperature = +40°С) 3550
Power supply parameters, V/F/Hz 220/1/50
Dimensions, LxWxH, mm 3998x1000x2035
Length without endwalls, mm 3898
Weight, kg (max.) 1050
Refrigerant R404A (Freon)
Ingress protection code IP20