OMEX designs marine refrigeration systems in full compliance with all the applicable requirements to ensure cargo safety and safe navigation. Marine refrigeration systems have to abide by much stricter requirements than stationary solutions. The reason is the harsh operating environment, including rocking motions and constant vibrations, significant temperature and humidity drops, a highly corrosive environment, limited personnel and inaccessibility for repairs. It imposes certain requirements on marine refrigeration systems. These requirements are set out in the Russian Maritime and River Registers and a number of other regulatory documents.

Standard marine refrigeration systems are centralised. Each refrigerated item has a dedicated cooler connected to another cooler for replacement in case of failure, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the system. Refrigeration units can consume different refrigerants (R12 or R22) or ammonia depending on the capacity. Ammonia-water absorption refrigeration units feature a high capacity that can reach 10,000 kW. They are meant for vessels with a large consumption of cold. Modern marine refrigeration systems are equipped with modular refrigeration units with screw compressors with an intermediate supply delivered by steam condensers and other elements.

Our marine refrigeration systems are designed to withstand extra loads and are produced in accordance with the terms of reference. They are adjusted marine versions of the traditional systems. Marine refrigeration systems by OMEX feature reduced dimensions and weight and can be cooled with seawater. These reliable and low-maintenance products can tolerate strong vibrations and rocking.

Our marine refrigeration equipment meets all the safety and environmental requirements.

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